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Variety Commemorates The United Nation's
International Day of Persons with Disabilities

On Saturday, December 3, a coordinated, nationwide effort was held by Variety Tents across the country to celebrate the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The observance of the Day aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. (read more)

Announcing Variety's 2015 Gold Heart Campaign featuring "THE MINIONS" from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment.

Above is our latest Gold Heart Pin PSA featuring "The Minions" from Universal Pictures' and Illumination Entertainment's upcoming "MINIONS," to be released in July, 2015. Read all about our 2015 Gold Heart Campaign here.

Kids on the Go!

U.S. Variety - Main Kids Picture

Bike rides, beach days, trips to the park – these are all staples of childhood that kids with disabilities want to experience. They want to be active and mobile like other children in their communities.

Variety Kids on the Go!But the durable medical equipment necessary to give these kids the independence they desire is often too expensive for many families, especially those with a low household income or too many other expenses necessary for raising a child with special needs. And insurance isn’t always the answer - in many cases, devices like adaptive bikes and special needs strollers are denied, despite their immense physical and therapeutic benefits, because insurance doesn’t consider them to be necessary items. Even wheelchairs can take up to two years to be funded by insurance.

Variety Challenge 2015 - Mobility Now!

LaToya on hr Variety TricycleThis is where Variety steps in. Variety Kids on the Go! aims to help kids gain mobility, confidence, freedom, independence and the chance to join in the life of their community by providing funding for walkers, wheelchairs, specially-designed adaptive bikes, strollers, prosthetic limbs and other devices to families with the most need. The program also puts more Sunshine Coaches, specially-equipped passenger vans, on the road to provide mobility-disadvantaged children with much-needed transportation to medical care, school, and outreach activities.

red boxspacerVARIETY KIDS ON THE GO! - Q&A (PDF - 40K)


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M.R. Inc
M.R. Inc specializes in acquiring and selling brand name overstock, excess and closeout inventory to help raise money and awareness exclusively for Variety The Children's Charity of the United States. Through this relationship, M.R. Inc has created a business solution specifically for Corporate America by providing an on-going program to acquire their already existing problem of overstock, excess and closeout inventory while incorporating a corporate "good will" component at the same time.

This ultimately allows M.R. Inc to solve their overstock inventory issues both professionally and efficiently and most importantly, provides an opportunity to allow Corporate America to help give back to Variety The Children's Charity even in this tough economic downturn simply by allowing M.R. Inc to buy and sell their overstock inventory with no restrictions on its re-sale to the big box retail chains through this program. By offering this full circle business solution to Corporate America this allows M.R. Inc to filter a percentage of the profits back to Variety The Children's Charity, in additional to creating much needed awareness of Variety The Children's Charity in the Corporate World.

For more information on M.R. Inc, please go to: