U.S. Variety Chapters

Buffalo & Western NY Buffalo & Western NY
Variety- The Children’s Charity of Buffalo & Western NY – Tent #7

Help “Our” Kids Achieve their Dreams and Goals was the theme...

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Detroit Detroit
Variety of Detroit

Each December for the past 19 years, Variety the Children’s Charity of Detroit has presented more than 150 bicycles annually,…

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Eastern Tennessee Eastern Tennessee
Variety of Eastern Tennessee

Once a year children everywhere ask Santa for a new bicycle at Christmas...

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Florida Florida
Variety of Florida

Variety added a ray of Florida sunshine to Florida's East Coast when it granted an adaptive bike to the Easter…

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Georgia Georgia
Variety of Georgia’s Caring for Kids

Variety of Georgia's Caring for Kids program provides access to uncovered medical services and devices for special needs children...

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Illinois Illinois
Variety of Illinois

Jackson Cunningham, from Oakwood, Illinois, is no ordinary 11 year old. He suffered a stroke when he was 8 that…

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Iowa Iowa
Variety of Iowa

Speed. Independence. Freedom. Those three words embody what children love about riding bikes but for children with Spina Bifida...

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Kansas City Kansas City
Variety of Kansas

The phone is a lifeline to the family of a child with mobility issues...

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Memphis Memphis
Variety of Memphis

Variety of Memphis holds one of its largest “Future Kids” projects for the community during Christmas...

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National Capital Region National Capital Region
Variety of the National Capital Region

Due to pregnancy complications, Spike was born at 28 weeks weighing only 2.3 lbs, which resulted in a diagnosis of…

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New York New York
Variety of New York

Odley Jean, a high school senior in New York City, had her world rocked by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti...

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Northern California Northern California
Variety Northern California Freedom Rider – Free To Be A Kid!

Miracle Joy was born prematurely at 23 weeks with several challenges facing her little life, some of which were a…

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Philadelphia Philadelphia
Variety of Philadelphia

Mary Pat Radabaugh, Director of the IBM National Support Center for Persons with Disabilities once said, “For Americans without disabilities,…

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Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Variety of Pittsburgh

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the surge of joy I feel when I see James on his…

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Southern California Southern California
Variety of Southern California

Over 40 very special athletes started 2013 with new back packs, bats, balls and uniforms thanks to Variety of Southern…

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Southern Nevada Southern Nevada
Variety of Southern Nevada

Variety of Southern Nevada realized the need and importance of quality care for at risk children and low-income families struggling…

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St. Louis St. Louis
Variety of St. Louis

If the famous quote, “We are our choices” is true; many would say that Erin and her husband are admirable,…

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Texas Texas
Variety of Texas

Texas native Wynter Young, 7 years old, is the first kid to arrive at Ballet and Cheerleading practice every week...

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The Desert The Desert
Variety of the Desert

Angel was born with a rare birth defect called, Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital. His arms hang uselessly by his side.

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Western Michigan Western Michigan
Variety of Western Michigan

Granting access to activities and social inclusion is a focus of Variety of Western Michigan.

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Melissa, 14 years

Like any other 14 year old, Melissa wants to do things for herself. Born with cerebral palsy (CP) and cortical…

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2021 Variety Gold Heart Campaign

2021 Boss Baby Pin

Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation have collaborated with Variety – the Children’s Charity to create limited-edition gold heart pins featuring characters from DreamWorks Animation’s highly anticipated new film, The Boss Baby: Family Business, which arrives in theaters July 2, 2021. Proceeds from the pins benefit Variety programs that provide life-changing equipment, services and experiences to children who live with special needs or who are disadvantaged. Learn more.

Variety has launched a door-to-door thankyou fundraising campaign to help us raise awareness and funding towards our mission in supporting children living with disabilities live a better life. We have engaged teams of experienced fundraisers to help us conduct the campaign and appreciate your support!

How does the thankyou campaign helps us?

The thankyou campaign allows us to bring awareness and raise money from new supporters towards our work in helping children living with disabilities. We work with partners on the campaign which makes it possible for us to grow and have a more succesful campaign in areas which we don’t have the necessary resources to conduct such fundraising.

Why do we use face-to-face fundraising?

Meeting us face-to-face allows you to have a personal conversation, perhaps to share your concerns about the world, and to learn how you can make a tremendous difference in the lives of children. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and get to know us firsthand — and learn how you can contribute in a meaningful way.

Fundraising team locations

  • Washington DC
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Austin, Texas

What can you expect when meeting one of our fundraisers?

You might meet our fundraisers at your home or business, outside local retail shops or city sidewalks.

hey’ll give you the opportunity to join the thankyou campaign and may use electronic tablets or QR codes to a website, to securely process your information so you can get a thankyou eGift and receipt.

How can you identify a fundraiser from Variety – thankyou campaign?

A Variety / thankyou fundraiser will: Be properly dressed, wear an ID badge with name, ID number and photo. Ask you to join the thankyou campaign via direct debit or credit/debit card; and Never ask for a cash donation nor accept cash.

Is my personal and financial information safe?

Variety’s partners are compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations for financial data security and meet industry regulations related to fundraising.

If you have any questions about our fundraisers, please email support@thankyourewardpax.com. They will be more than happy to assist you.

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