Care Program

Variety’s Care Program delivers critical life-saving medical equipment and services, healthcare and well-being to individual children and children’s health organizations.

Together through the Care program, we save children’s lives, aid their recovery and deliver health and wellness. Grants under the Care program are made to individual children and families and children’s health organizations, such as children’s hospitals and wards.

Covering a wide scope, Care grants may cover

  • Auditory items like cochlear implants, hearing tests and aids
  • Dental care like orthodontics and braces
  • Food and feeding items like feeding systems and specialized nutrition
  • Oxygen, suction and insulin pumps
  • Nebulizers and ventilators
  • Vision care like eye tests and corrective equipment
  • Wigs like suction and gripper wigs
  • Tele-medicine systems
  • Sensory equipment
  • Prosthetics and orthotics
  • Respite care
  • Electrical stimulation devices and seizure alarms
  • Humidicribs and many more

For further information on Variety’s Care Program, please contact Variety of the United States

or your local Variety Office

Quotes/Testimonials for the program

Variety of the United States helped 9-year-old Jacob get a wireless unit that delivers low-level electrical stimulation to activate the nerves that control the muscles in the hand and forearm. Because Jacob's active hand function is minimal and his hand/wrist is often in a hooked position due to multiple strokes as an infant, the goal is to help Jacob’s fingers become relaxed and extended and allow him to be able to pick up objects. Over time its use may improve muscle memory and stimulate plasticity in his brain that will allow him to move his fingers on his own. His mom gave us some great news shortly after receiving the unit:

Without us prompting him he reached for something with his right hand. That is something Jacob has never done especially since his right arm and hand have been merely an accessory on his body for all his 9 years.

(Jacob's mother)

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