Variety of SoCal celebrated a very special Valentine’s Day by expanding its Mobility Program into the San Diego Market April 20, 2015 7:49 AM

“A special charity rolled into San Diego county on Saturday. More than a dozen disabled children were able to experience something often taken for granted. Adaptive bikes were given away to 14 disabled children. Many of them had never ridden a bike before. Variety Children’s Charities of Southern California made it all possible. Organizers say it’s an amazing experience for the kids. Variety Children’s Charities has 43 chapters and has raised almost 2 billion dollars for children with special needs” -SAN DIEGO (CBS 8)

No child should miss out on the simple pleasures of childhood because his or her family cannot afford the necessary equipment. Variety’s Mobility Program steps in where insurance and other funding step out. Adaptive bikes, walkers, and strollers all provide children with the freedom, confidence, and exercise they need to get out into the California sunshine and have fun with their families and community. Variety “Sunshine Coaches” take kids to field trips, camps, and therapy all over Southern California.

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