Young Variety

What Is Young Variety?

Young Variety is the future of children helped by Variety – the Children’s Charity.

Since 1928, successive generations of passionate, philanthropic people have written a vibrant, enviable and successful history of vastly improving the lives of children who live with illness, disadvantage and special needs at a local, national and international level through their involvement and support of Variety.

Young Variety is the next generation of passionate and philanthropic young professionals who will sustain Variety far into the future and provide many more of our children with a limitless future as they develop their own talents, network with like -minded peers and, importantly, have fun.

Getting involved with Young Variety helps you develop and hone your own abilities and life skills while delivering the same tangible results to children and never underestimate the positive impact you will have or the inspiration and satisfaction helping children who are less fortunate will bring you.

Young Variety shares the Vision, Mission and Promise of Variety – the Children’s Charity but its Vision expands to be:

To be the future of Variety, the most trusted and effective children’s charity in the world delivering every child equality and a future without limits.

Is Young Variety a fit for you?

Aged between 21 and 35, Young Variety members come from all walks of life but share a common desire to make the world a better place by providing children a limitless future.
To find out more and meet other Young Variety members, connect with your local Variety – the Children’s Charity office

Find Your Chapter

Or contact Young Variety of the United States

What is Involved?

There are many ways to be involved in Young Variety.

  • 1

    Help Variety plan and keep up with the latest trends, technologies and communications of people aged between 21 and 35.

  • 2

    Help establish or grow a Young Variety Committee in your local area.

  • 3

    Help expand the awareness of Variety, the work it does and the difference it makes to younger people.

  • 4

    Plan and host a fundraising event at a local or global level.

  • 5

    Attend, and bring people to, Variety events and functions.

  • 6

    Open doors to your workplace or business for sponsorship, work place giving or a partnership.

What are the benefits to me?

First and foremost, the elation and satisfaction of knowing you are making a real difference to the future of children and Variety as an organization.

Being a member of Young Variety brings you credibility, an expanded professional and personal network and an environment to learn vital skills to take your career to the next level.

Involvement with Young Variety and Variety – the Children’s Charity multiplies your network of people who share similar values to you. Marriages between Young Variety members are not unknown.

Hone your Committee and Board skills, strategic and event planning and how to work as a crucial team member.

The work Variety does is serious but the way Young Variety and Variety achieve our goals is fun. Not only will it put a smile on the face of the child you helped but a smile on your face as well.

What are you waiting for?

Seize the opportunity and contact your local Variety – the Children’s Charity office

or Young Variety of the United States

Young Variety Gallery

Variety Hoe Down Kansas City
Variety Hoe Down Kansas City

City Slickers Hoe Down benefited Variety and Drumm Farm for Children.

Variety KC YV
Variety KC YV

Young Variety of Kansas City (YVKC) is a proactive group of dynamic, kind-hearted Kansas City area professionals ages 21-40.

Variety of Iowa Bowtie Ball
Variety of Iowa Bowtie Ball

Variety of Iowa's 2nd Annual Bow Tie Ball was presented by Sherpa Investments.

Young Variety Iowa
Young Variety Iowa

Young Variety (YV) is a part of Variety – the Children’s Charity of Iowa, which was founded in 1937.

Variety of New York
Variety of New York

This album contains images from various Young Variety of New York events including Wishing Well Dinner, Annual Holiday Party, and Art events.

Variety of SCA Fundraiser
Variety of SCA Fundraiser

The majority of our funds are raised during our annual pool tournament, and it helps fund the grants we back and programs we plan for the year.

Variety OF SCA mixers
Variety OF SCA mixers

At least four different types of mixers are held throughout the year, from a simple happy hour mixer to karaoke, a movie night, and our new bowling mixer.

Volunteer – Camp Hollywood Heart
Volunteer – Camp Hollywood Heart

Camp Hollywood HEART is a one-week arts camp for teens impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Hollygrove Halloween Carnival
Hollygrove Halloween Carnival

Since 2009, YV SoCal has provided Hollygrove families with a day of BBQ, arts & crafts, family photos, field games, prizes and carnival games.

Volunteer – KEEN LA (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now)
Volunteer – KEEN LA (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now)

KEEN LA provides recreational opportunities to children & young adults with physical or mental disabilities by holding sports sessions all year.

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